Frequently-Asked Questions:

Before you get in touch, please find the answers to commonly-asked questions, below:

Q: A neighboring home is vacant, or is not being maintained.

A: The association cannot maintain privately-held property; this includes vacant and foreclosed homes and lawns.  If a neighboring lawn is vacant or is not being maintained, please contact Canton Public Safety at (734) 394-5400.  If the home is in violation of township ordinance, the township is able to mow the lawn and levy a fine against the current homeowner or bank.

Q: I noticed something that I feel is in violation of a township ordinance.

A: The association is not able to act as a police force, and we cannot levy fines for ordinance violations.  Please direct your concern to Canton Public Safety at (734) 394-5400.

Q: I have a question regarding our lawncare or snow removal services.

A: Please refer to the “Services” page, for information regarding our current service providers.  If your question was not answered by any of the information on that page, please use the contact form, below.

Q: I'd like to perform a modification to my home or property.

A: The association does not enforce any rules regarding your privately-held property.  Please direct any ordinance questions to Canton Township.

Board Members

Here is the current list of Franklin-Palmer HOA officers.  If you need to contact the HOA board or officers directly, please use the “Contact Us” form, in the space below.

  • President – AVAILABLE
  • Vice-President – Robert McLaren
  • Treasurer – Chaitanya Kulkarni
  • Secretary – Justin Vail

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