The Franklin-Palmer HOA employs the use of a summer lawn-care and winter snow removal service, for association common areas and roads.  Please see the information below, if you have a question about the frequency or expectations of our maintenance services.

Summer Grass Cutting

Summer grass cuttings are performed on a 7-day (weekly) cycle.  During the hottest summer months, this interval is reduced to a 10-day cycle.

Summer grass cuttings are performed on the following areas:

  • The grassy island at the end of each “court.”
  • The grassy areas of the Franklin-Palmer Park, in the middle of the subdivision.
    • Please note: the wooded areas of the park are not actively maintained.
  • The strips of grass bordering our subdivision, along Sheldon Rd. and Morton Taylor Rd.

Grass Cutting Map

Please refer to this map of the subdivision.  The highlighted green areas are eligible for grass cutting.

Winter Snow Removal

Winter snow removal of all subdivision roads occurs after any snowfall in accumulation of 2″ or more.  The removal should occur within 18 hours of the completion of the snowfall.


Salt is very expensive, and we schedule salt applications on an as-requested basis.  When ice accumulation is light, salt will be applied only to the major intersections of the subdivision, highlighted here in blue.  When excess ice accumulates, the board can request a full salting of all subdivision roads.