February 2, 2015 Snowstorm

2 Feb

Many of you may have noticed we received an abundance of snow over the past 24 hours.  Please be aware that Bill’s Outdoor Care has cleared the main roads a couple times during the night, and will return for a … Read More »

And the votes are in!

27 Oct

On Thursday, Oct. 23rd 2014, the Homeowners Association board had a brief meeting to address the following items: Restock the board with a full roster of nine members (including officers) Fill the position of “President” and “Vice-President” Complete the final … Read More »

Dues Update: Voting Period Extended

20 Sep

The dues ballots were tallied today (Saturday, September 20), with an overwhelming majority in approval of the dues increase.  Thank you to all that participated in the vote, so far. That said, our association bylaws require 60% voter participation to … Read More »

What does a Board Member do?

9 Sep

Our homeowners association is run by volunteers, and as the saying goes; many hands make light work. If you’ve ever wanted to have your voice heard on the association board but were nervous about taking on too many new responsibilities, … Read More »

Please turn in your ballots!

2 Sep

We have recently sent out a ballot to all homeowners, regarding our upcoming dues increase. Please fill out this ballot and return it as soon as possible.  There are only 9 days left before votes are counted, and we have … Read More »

Is This Your Dog?

19 Aug

A homeowner has contacted us to let us know he found a friendly dog wandering the subdivision.  He attempted to knock on the door of nearby houses, and was unable to locate an owner.  Canton Public Safety was called, and … Read More »

Fallen Tree in Park

3 Aug

Please take care to avoid the fallen tree, near the north entrance of Franklin-Palmer Park.  It is an exceptionally large tree, which has been completely hollowed over the years, and was blown over by the recent storm. Only half of … Read More »