Sheldon Estates Construction – Trash and Debris

26 Jun

We’ve recently received notice from the Township Supervisor, that the Sheldon Estates construction site – located between Lexington Square and our own subdivision –  has complained of trash being left in the lots and in the trash bins of the construction site.

If anyone has large debris or construction materials to dispose of, please note that the construction site is not a place to dispose of personal waste.  Canton offers “Canton Clean-Up Days” throughout the year, to help residents dispose of large waste and debris.  Please see the link below for the annual Canton Clean-Up Day schedule.

One Reply to “Sheldon Estates Construction – Trash and Debris”

  1. I want to complain about all of their construction traffic that travels through our sub… using light at Sheldon/Proctor for their entrance and exits. Plus until recently their workers we’re using our streets to park on. There needs to be a yield or stop sign placed at Yorktown/Proctor coming from that sub.

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