Snow Removal & Salting of Roads

15 Dec

The HOA is dedicated to ensuring clear and safe roads this winter. We have communicated with our contracted snow removal company consistently throughout these first few snowfalls to determine the best snow removal and salting process.

Our sub roads were plowed on Saturday, 12/9, Monday, 12/11, on the eve of Wednesday 12/13, and again on Thursday, 12/14. Due to many drivers on the sub roads after the initial snowfall on 12/9, the roads became heavy with compacted snow and ice.

After careful consideration, the HOA decided to salt the entire sub, which was completed on 12/14. The salt has successfully melted the compacted snow and ice, but has now caused loosened snow and slush. An additional plow has been ordered and is expected to be completed on 12/16. This is believed to clear the sub roads of most snow. Additional salting will be considered, if necessary.

As a reminder, roads are to be plowed within 18 hours of snowfalls greater than 2 inches. In addition, the HOA has instructed the snow removal company to salt all intersections, at minimum, for similar snowfall accumulations. Should a salting of the entire sub be required, the HOA is prepared to act.

Lastly, please remember that we are all neighbors! Let’s support each other, and help shovel neighbors who can’t get out. Remember: You can also help the plows by shoveling the street in front of your house, if possible. That goes a long way towards having clearer, safer roads.

Safe Driving!

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