2023 Subdivision Road Improvement Project Update

24 May

Canton Township will be performing road work in our subdivision this year. Franklin Palmer is scheduled to have work start as early as June 1st and last through July 5th, 2023.

A few helpful and courteous reminders as we work to improve our sub roads:

  • Concrete must cure for about 5 days before it can be open to traffic, an adjacent panel can be removed, or asphalt work can occur next to it.
  • Please park in your driveway instead of the street during construction, or park a good distance from the pavement improvements.  You will be asked to move vehicles if they are in the way. 
  • A few days before the contractor starts, a Spalding DeDecker inspector will paint the limits of repairs, then barrels will be dropped off by the Contractor so you will know if you are affected.
  • Have lawn sprinkler systems turned off while work is occurring in front of your home.  The excess water can make the work more difficult for the contractor, especially if it is filling open holes in the pavement. 
  • Do NOT drive through the concrete slurry that results from saw cutting concrete as it can make a mess of cars when splashed and is very difficult to get off.  The same is true of tack for asphalt roads. Do NOT drive on milled, tacked surfaces as the tack can coat tires and is very difficult to remove if it gets on cars.
  • In the event of limited access to mail boxes, know that the USPS will hold mail at the post office if you cannot get to your mailbox.
  • The contractor will assist in getting trash receptacles picked up at the end of the drive on trash day if driveways are blocked due to construction.  This requires residents to have their trash out to the curb in a timely manner.
  • Please slow down when going through construction areas since there may be workers present, or it may be down to 1 lane and you need to watch for oncoming traffic.

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