New HOA Staff Roster

14 Aug

We’ve recently experienced a change in the Home-Owner’s Association roster!

David Mitrano recently stepped down from his position as the association’s President.  We thank him for his many years of volunteer work!  He will still remain involved in future HOA activities.  In addition, our association Treasurer Heather Wagenshultz recently sold her home in the Franklin-Palmer subdivision.  She will be missed, but we congratulate her as she moves on to bigger things (and bigger homes)!

Currently the HOA positions are filled by the following members:

  • President: Brian Pratt
  • Treasurer: Jason Brooks
  • Secretary: Nancy Polderdyke

Thanks to everyone involved in this period of transition.  Stay tuned for future updates to the website.  We would like to make more information freely available to all members of our friendly subdivision.

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