Dues Update: Voting Period Extended

20 Sep

The dues ballots were tallied today (Saturday, September 20), with an overwhelming majority in approval of the dues increase.  Thank you to all that participated in the vote, so far.

That said, our association bylaws require 60% voter participation to achieve ‘quorum,’ in order to make the vote official.  Currently we are just shy of that requirement.  In accordance with our bylaws, we are extending the voting period for the absentee ballots for an additional 30 days, at which point our requirement for quorum is halved; we will be able to pass the vote with 30% (or more) voter participation – a number which we have already achieved.

If you have already voted; you do not need to do anything further; your ballot will be included in the re-count.  If you have not yet voted, please make sure to turn your votes in within the next 30 days.  Votes will be recounted on Thursday, October 23, at which point we are estimating that the vote will pass.

Thank you again to all who voted.

For anyone who indicated a willingness to participate on the association board; please keep an eye on your inbox.  We will be sending out an email in the coming weeks, with an invitation to the next board meeting.  This will allow us to get everyone up to speed, do introductions, and answer any questions people may have.

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