And the votes are in!

27 Oct

On Thursday, Oct. 23rd 2014, the Homeowners Association board had a brief meeting to address the following items:

  • Restock the board with a full roster of nine members (including officers)
  • Fill the position of “President” and “Vice-President”
  • Complete the final counting of the “Annual Dues” ballot, and decide on the dues for 2015
  • Review the bids received for 2014/2015 winter snow removal, and decide on the contract

Read on, for the results of this meeting and more.


We elected a new President and Vice President to the board.  Our roster of officers is now as follows;

  • President: Nichole Passmore
  • Vice-President: Jennifer Hack
  • Secretary: Nancy Polderdyke
  • Treasurer: Jason Brooks


In addition to the officers, we successfully stocked the remaining board of trustees positions with the following members;

  • Allison LeFevre
  • Sara Brandt
  • Brian Pratt
  • Irene Knight
  • Gretchen Thomas

This roster brings the total number of board members to 9, in accordance with our association bylaws.  For everyone else who attended; thank you very much for your passion.  We will continue to call on your community spirit, to participate and assist in future events and meetings.

Dues Ballots

The votes were counted for our recent ballot; the ‘ceiling’ for our annual dues was successfully raised to a new limit of $120.00.  In the future, the dues can be adjusted to any number within this limit.

2015 Annual Dues

With a fully-stocked board in place, it was decided that the annual dues should be increased to an amount of $75.00 per year.  This modest increase will allow the association to replenish its reserves, and be better prepared for unforseen, costly events such as dead tree removal, ice storms, and the like.

Financial Management

With a fully-stocked board, it was determined that a financial management service would not be needed at this time.

2015 Winter Snow Removal

The board recently drafted a set of requirements to be fulfilled by all service providers for winter snow removal.  At the meeting, the new board reviewed these requirements, which were sent out with invitations to bid, to multiple service providers.

Out of all the invitations sent, there were three bids received.  Of these bids, the board voted to adopt the bid from Bill’s Outdoor Care for Winter 2015 snow removal.

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  1. My son and I have been removing trees in the common area that are dead and leaning. I raised this as a safety issue with the kids that play in the wooded areas. Our past treasurer gave us permission to cut and remove these trees. My son and I would be happy to remove any trees the HOA wants, cut up and remove at no charge.

    Mike Anger
    734 397-0278

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